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About us

Dave & YvetteAshley Estates is an independent, family run business established in 2002 by David and Yvette Hannay and with over 30 years experience.  In our first 7 years we specialised in renovating properties to a high standard and bought and sold well over 100 properties.  Some of the properties were retained by ourselves as we had always wanted our own portfolio.  Also during this time our solicitor, bank manager and accountant purchased some properties from us with a view to renting them.  We have continued to manage these properties for many years now.  In 2008, as the property market slowed down we quickly grew our management side of the business and we now manage in excess of 190 properties which has all been acheived by word of mouth.

We are not an Estate Agents and we therefore concentrate all our efforts solely on property lettings. Through hard work and determination we have built a reputation which has seen enormous growth in our business.  We offer a very personal service to both our Landlords and Tenants and come highly recommended.  David has recently been awarded by the National Federation of Property Professionals Level 3 Award in Residential Lettings and Property Management.  This has enabled David to become a member of Association of Resdiential Letting Agents (ARLA).

“This was an excellent decision & we're very pleased with the service we received”

Lucy O'Nions & Katy Forrester, Tenants

“I was impressed by the efficiency to ensure suitable tenants were found”

Pamela Welby, Landlord

We offer flexible viewing times, during the day or out of hours (subject to availability), which are conducted by an experienced member of the team who can answer all your queries at the time.